Together with "CETC Wise-Control" to Witness Wuhan’s Lifting of Restrictions


At 0:00 on April 8, Wuhan reopened. CCTV, with the intelligent management and control system team of unmanned platform of CETC, ChangjiangSpace Information Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. (Wuhan) and SF Technology Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team, jointly launched the large-scale aerial live show, named Wuhan Revive. "CETC Wise-Control", an intelligent management and control system of unmanned platform, was applied to realize 12 hours of continuous aerial broadcast for Wuhan transportation hub, landmark building, designated treatment hospital, etc, witnessed the important moment of "restart" in Wuhan.

During the epidemic, relying on the advanced technology in unmanned and intelligent aspects, CETC quickly developed and launched "CETC Wise-Control ", the intelligent management and control system of unmanned platform. The system can access, manage and control multiple UAVs on a large scale, carry out tasks such as emergency material transportation, food distribution in isolation area, patrol flight, epidemic prevention broadcast, remote call, aerial photography, spraying and disinfection.

From supplies airdroppingfor Jinyintan Hospital to witnessing the Wuhan reopening, "CETC Wise-Control" has been playing an important role during the epidemic. The team leader of the intelligent management and control system of unmanned platform of CETC said that the follow-up team will seize the new opportunity of "new infrastructure" and work with industry partners to continuously expand the system application scenarios, aiming to make greater contributions to the national economic development.


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