“One Network for All”Quick Security Check System Deployed in Beijing Daxing International Airport


Recently, the Quick Security Check System has been deployed in Beijing Daxing International Airport, which integrates CETC’s "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System and Terahertz security technology.

When passing the security equipment , passengers only need to swipe their ID cards and the build-in "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System for Epidemic Prevention & Control and Resumption of Work & Production will automatically compare through background authority big data and generate 4 kinds of personal health status to accurately screen out safety group and close contact group. At the same time, the system's function of remote infrared temperature measurement can detect passengers' body temperature without sensing, thereby reducing waiting time and improving traffic efficiency.

In addition to being used in airports, this system can also provide customized solutions for rail transit, hospitals,enterprises and schools ,etc.


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