Borderless Love: CETC Provides Technology and Material Support for Global Partners in the Fight Against the Epidemic


As the COVID-19 spreads globally, CETC has launched the initiative“Borderless Love”to help overseas partners in fighting the pandemic. Up to now, CETC has offered technology equipment and epidemic prevention materials for 19 countries including Pakistan, France, Italy, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Turkey, etc.

CETC supports overseas partners with its advanced technology to tide over the difficult times. Faced with the global epidemic, CETC leadership made quick decisions to provide technology support for these countries relying on its advantages in IT and relevant equipment.

“I’d like to extend sincere gratitude to CETC on behalf of Kenya government and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). No doubt that your donation will help protect the staff members of KCAA from COVID-19 and prevent the spread of the epidemic.”In the letter of thanks Kenya counsellor in China Mr. Edwin Limo expressed gratefulness to CETC for offering help.

It is known that more member units of CETC are ready to join the “Borderless Love”initiative to provide epidemic prevention material assistance for foreign partners in the near future.

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