Full Support for Epidemic Prevention and Work Resumption,CETC Actively Develops Industrial Chain Financial Business


During the epidemic outbreak, CETC resolutely implemented the requirements of the government, and actively served the key fields and enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain financial business. It aimed to form a good ecosystem between itself and the related companies in the industrial chain.

CETC increased support to its core members with the guarantee of the industrial chain capital needs. The Finance Company of CETC has planned to arrange 10 billion yuan to guarantee the group's industrial chain capital needs throughout the year. It will mainly support the front-line production units of epidemic prevention and control in the industrial chain. The company has quickly made a special credit support plan to provide preferential loans to key enterprises related to epidemic prevention and control.

CETC has effectively helped the enterprises trapped in the epidemic with financial services so as to promote work and production resumption. After the work resumption on February 10, CETC has provided 414 million funds for 12 members and 85 suppliers, in an aim to guarantee smooth work and production resumption in the industrial chain.

CETC uses financial technology to optimize financial services in the industrial chain. The Finance Company of CETC has developed "CETC Industrial Chain Financial System (abbreviated as "CETC-IFS")", which will simplify the process and improve efficiency as well as realize all transactions online.

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