Wu Manqing: Let the Invisible Epidemic be Traceable


"When we travel, we all wonder whether there are confirmed cases or suspected cases on this train?" Wu Manqing said that if the big data and AI technology can be applied in COVID 19 prevention and control, it will greatly reduce burdens such as population calculation and temperature menasurement, and reduce a series of risks as well.

CETC sets up a team of the big data research swiftly. In just over 20 days, the team quickly developed and launched "One Network for all" Big Data Analysis System for Epidemic Prevention and Control, Work and Production Resumption. From February 6th, the system had been applied for prediction of the confirmed cases in 10 days in 11 key provinces and 16 key cities around the country. And the results showed that the average prediction error of three days in advance was only 0.81%.

Based on "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System, CETC has launched a series of mobile phone inquiry applications for the public, such as "Little Nurse" for close contact measuring, "Little Cleaner" for community management, "Little Helper" for enterprise management, "Little Guard" for site inspection and so on. Big data has played a critical role for national epidemic prevention and control, work and production resumption.


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