Proprietary APP launched in APP Market, and "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System upgraded again

On March 18, in order to play a better role of the "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System for Epidemic Prevention and Control, Work and Production Resumption, CETC officially launched "One Network for All" application, which is free for the public to download and use. The users can download this APP in the Android Market (IOS system is being developed intensively.) and receive the national QR code for "One Network for All" as a "pass" for personal travel and work and production resumption. As of 18 March, "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System has been inquired for 380 million times.

At present, government, enterprises, institutions and individuals can search and download "One Network for All" APP through Huawei or 360 APP Market. After registration and logging in, users just need to complete "My Profile" and the system will generate the national QR code for "One Network for All" by comparing the users’ information with the big data in the background. At the same time, users can get the QR code easily by clicking the homepage button. "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System, published by CETC, is supported by over 10 million authoritative data from health, transportation, railway, civil aviation and other departments. The entire process of data collection, storage, management and use is completed on the cloud platform of CETC with high-level security certification. The public doesn’t need to worry about privacy leakage.

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