One Code to Traverse the Nation: QR Code for “One Network for All” Goes Online on Umetrip 

      With the current large-scale cross-provincial turnout of workers returning to work and production, the pressure on epidemic prevention and control has increased. With the support of CETC Cloud, Umetrip has launched an emergency operation and the QR code for "One Network for All" (hereinafter referred to as "QR Code") function on APP, providing risk inquiry service to millions of registered users, offering solutions with technology and innovation to the business, supporting relevant departments with in-time epidemic monitoring, and assist the national epidemic prevention and joint control work.
      Joint-developed by National Ministries and CETC, relying on the data released by the National Risk Population Perception Big Data Center, "One Network for All" big data analysis system for Epidemic Prevention & Control and Resumption of Work & Production can generate "QR Code". Users can link the data source within the platform to generate the safe reliable code.
      The "QR Code" received by users on the Umetrip app is divided into four colors: red, orange, yellow, and green. Green means the holder can go to work and go out as usual, and those who hold the yellow, orange, and red code need to be quarantined and require treatment. It is a code that can cover all scenes during epidemic prevention and control, a code can be recognized and traverse the entire nation.
      Relying on the high-level security certificated CETC Cloud platform, the "One Network for All" system completes the entire procedure of data collection, storage, management, and use. A safely controlled data processing with legitimate procedure can prevent leak of personal information, making it safe for users. As a typical example of precisely fighting the epidemic based on technology, the cooperation between Umetrip and CETC Cloud has enabled risk-free people to travel in a wider area with ease at mind and flow freely, effectively pushing production and economic development back on track, and promoting the civil aviation recovery process.

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