“Big Data Dictionary” Project Started!CETC Strives to Build China's First Big Data Dictionary 

      With the wave of theaa digital economy sweeping the globe, the big data industry is booming. At the same time, data interpretation and content formats are not standardized, data standards are difficult to unify and some other related problems are emerging. These problems severely restrict the integration and standardized development of big data resources. On March 3, the reporter learned from CETC Big Data Research Institute that they are building the country's first dictionary to help standardize data resources. Therefore the data resources can be used directly and more efficiently. 

      Simply speaking, “Big Data Dictionary project is to create a dictionary in the field of big data. Like the Xinhua dictionary we often use, it is a basic tool for regulating the development and application of big data technology”, a doctor from CETC Big Data Research Institute introduced.

      In 2019, the concept of "Big Data Dictionary" was first proposed at the Digital Expo. In May of the same year, CETC Big Data Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "the Institute") launched the "Big Data Dictionary" planning and reasoning work. In order to solve the problems, such as irregularities of data interpretation and content format and difficulties in unifying data standards, the Institute proposed the largest data-based resource intelligence platform in China—"Big Data Dictionary" Project. Adhering to the construction concept of "instrumentalization, platform-based, and openness", the "4+N" architecture is basically constructed with digital dictionary theory as the cornerstone, big data dictionary as the core, digital dictionary platform as the carrier, standards and regulations as guarantee and expansion of data services as well.

      Nowadays, the Institute adopts a combination of "theoretical research plus tool development" working conceive. It has accumulatively collected 18,000 terminology terms, covering information technology, big data technology and other big data industry fields. In the meantime, the Institute has built about 200 data description models in the general field and more than 50 description models in the field of public security and Inspection affairs. At present, it is actively building a data description model in the field of "Internet plus government services".

      In the next step, the Institute will continue to impel the research on the theory and the development of related tools of “Big Data Dictionary" Project. Meanwhile, the Institute plans to work with all sectors of the society to create a "Big Data Dictionary” open source community. It aims to provide online authoritative interpretation, professional recommendation, online user communication and other services, which will improve the normalization and the degree of consensus in the field of big data for government, enterprises, social organizations, individuals and other parties; continue to promote the maintenance, optimization and improvement of the "Big Data Dictionary"; finally achieve social resource intelligence and knowledge empowerment.

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