Guangming Online : QR Code for“One Network for All”, just Came in Time 

      At present, as the resumption of work and production gradually increased, we shall still stay alert to the prevention and control of the epidemic. It’s not easy to balance the orderly resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control.
      Recently, joint-developed by National Ministries and CETC, the QR code is applied in the country. It is generated from "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System for Epidemic Prevention & Control, Work & Production Resumption. According to the national risk rating standard and risk population identification standard, the QR code is divided into four colors: red, orange, yellow and green. It can cover all public sites such as traffic stations, communities and buildings, schools and enterprises, supermarkets and restaurants. The code converges the most authoritative and comprehensive data including sanitary and health, transportation, railway and civil aviation. One can pass through the whole country by one code.

Green: People without below stated records
Yellow:People from high risk areas or having purchased fever-reducing medicine in the past 14 days
Orange:People having been to Hubei in the past 14 days or having confirmed or suspected cases in their residential districts
Red: Close contacts or people having fever 

      The epidemic outbreak tested the achievements of China's development of the digital economy in recent years. Whether it was in the sealed-off areas with serious epidemic situation, or in other areas where work and production was suspended, the basic life of people was guaranteed and the basic social order was maintained. This is relied on the normal operation of the digital economy represented by the service-oriented e-commerce platforms.
      The development of QR code for "One Network for All" is using big data to support the orderly resumption of work and production in various places in batches. It is a necessary epidemic control and social management means to link up the epidemic period with the post-epidemic period. Furthermore, QR code for "One Network for All” has been introduced in an innovative way. It is a product for public interests, jointly launched by national ministries, central SOEs and internet platforms, and is open to free use nationwide. It can be easily used in Meituan App or Wechat. According to the authoritative data of the platform, it can precisely locate within three rows of each passenger on aircraft or train. With small granularity of comparison data to avoid misjudgment, it can achieve accurate risk assessment, system linkage, and effective control.
      On February 28th, President of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at a press conference of the State Council’s "COVID-19" prevention and control mechanism that big data technology had played a particularly active role in fighting the epidemic, and that it would also support enterprises to resume work and production in the future.

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