Nation-wide Application of “One Network for All” Big Data Analysis System, Technical Drive for National Prevention And Resumption.


With cumulative service reaching 347 million times, CETC’s “One Network for All”big data analysis system is widely praised and popular upon release. The system plays a critical role for national epidemic prevention and work resumption progress.

To implement the requirement of supporting Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control, notified by Central CPC Committee and superiors, CETC and its subsidiaries in Beijing has fully applied the “Little Warrior” of the “One Network for All” system to run comprehensive management to personnel entering working places. The Group leaders set a good example and monitored the sub-units' on site.


The edge tool helps the nation and her people. It attracts wide notice of ministries, local governments, key enterprises, colleges and banks, etc. Up to March 8, “One Network for All” big data analysis system has been favored all over the country with the application in 618 units, technical transfer in 139 units and intentional application in 283 units .

Every region is both a cornerstone and a pivot, supporting the pace of fighting COVID-19.

As the capital city, the epidemic prevention and control in Beijing is significant. CETC supports the mission with all its efforts. Take Daxing district for example, “One Network for All” big data analysis system has achieved data and function exchange with the district’s management platform in multiple dimensions. Through data and control center, it helps the district government in epidemic prevention and control, risk scanning, work and production resumption of companies. Meanwhile, the “Little Helper” of the “One Network for All” system has gathered information of resumption personnel from more than 200 companies; the “Little Nurse” part has carried out screening the close contacts for over 200,000 returning people to the district; the “Little Warrior” was very popular among super markets, hotels, institutes, campus and office buildings, which are all the government’s main concern. It has been initially applied by Daxing Hotel, and will be gradually applied by the whole district.


Shanghai is a key city in eastern China and also a major user of the system. “Jiading district epidemic prevention and control service system”, developed jointly by CETC and Jiading district is now running online. The system uses the “Little Manager”, “Little Helper” and “Little Warrior” to gather data of traffic crossing, epidemic prevention and control from communities and companies. It utilizes the data base of the “Little Nurse” as the main instrument for data cleaning, which can gather and scan the risk of close contacts of all to form a warning list to achieve precise prevention and orderly resumption. In addition, “Jiading district epidemic prevention and control service system” is connected with some other important government networks to achieve data exchange. As a vital part of “Jiading district epidemic prevention and control service system”, “One Network for All” will play a significant role in the post-epidemic period. It will work as a new generation information infrastructure during the construction of Jiading smart city to improve the capability of city management. In the meantime, the system was also applied in Songjiang district.


Located in the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu and Anhui Province have also actively applied the "One Network for All" big data analysis system. In Jiangsu Province, the system is widely favored by the provincial and municipal units. It has been put into use in 21 units including the Provincial General Office, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Department of Public Security, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Education, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, as well as 27 municipal government agencies.

The system is also popular among civil aviation air traffic control, road traffic, national defense and other fields, as being actively promoted by a number of industry associations. In Anhui province, on the basis of access to the close contact gauge “Little Nurse”, the Anhui government service platform is connected to the "One Network for All" big data analysis system package, covering from the provincial platform to 16 municipal platforms. The public can log in and inquire through the APP of Anhui government service platform.

Along the Yangtze River westward, Hunan province is a key region. The Department of Industry and Information, the Department of Science and Technology, the Financial Office and other provincial government units of Hunan Province gave much praise to the "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System after application. As the capital city of Hunan Province, Changsha is fully covered by the "One Network for All" big data analysis system. At present, the system has been officially promoted in 10 districts, counties and cities in Changsha, and will be fully applied in many secondary zones.

Meanwhile, "One Network for All" big data analysis system is also favored by local backbone companies and communities.


Hainan Province is a hot land for Reform and Opening up, and is also a fertile land for the demonstration and application of the "One Network for All" big data analysis system. Since February 20th, the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee has organized the promotion and application of the system in the whole province, and simultaneously connected it to Hainan Social Management Platform and put it into operation, making it a social governance module of the Social Management Platform and playing an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hainan Province.

At the same time, the "One Network for All" Big Data Analysis System has been tested by the experimental class of the School of Network Security in Hainan University, and will be gradually promoted to the whole school and finally the whole university. In the meantime, under the strong support of Sanya Education Bureau, it is expected to be applied in all schools of the whole city, including 6 universities, 46 middle schools, 37 primary schools and 34 kindergartens...

Guangxi Province, faced with Hainan Province across the sea, has an important city called Guilin. Currently, the Department of Epidemic Prevention and Control of Guilin has informed the Offices of Prevention and Control in 6 districts, 11 counties, as well as enterprises and public institutions located in Guilin through electronic notice that the close contact gauge on Wechat miniapps (“Little Helper” and “Little Monitor”) should be applied in the whole city, and equal attention should be paid to the resumption of work, production, school and the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In the southwest, "One Network for All" big data analysis system has spread mainly in Sichuan province. After the system is launched into the epidemic prevention and control information system of Chengdu headquarter, “Chengdu Health Pass” and “Rongyiban” have also been well-organized and connected into the system. “Rongyiban” is a government service window in Chengdu aimed at providing data service support for all municipal enterprises in the period of work resumption. Besides, the “One Network for All” big data analysis system has been broadly used in institutes, banks, companies, kindergartens, etc.





The “One Network for All” big data analysis system has been applied in over 70% of police, politics and law systems in Xinjiang. To be specific, the application has been used in almost all the police stations, politics and law committees, inspection stations in regions and counties in Urumqi city.


 “One Network for All” big data analysis system has also got its popularity in Liaoyuan city of Jilin province. Up to now, the application has been implemented in municipal organs at all levels, including 150 municipal authorities, institutions and enterprises, governments of two districts and two counties, and one development area, covering nearly 450,000 people.


“One Network for All” big data analysis system has been widely used in many regions in China and has gained popularity in major industries.

In order to facilitate the epidemic prevention and control work of Internet enterprises during work resumption, CETC Cloud company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with DIDI, Dmall, Meituan and SF Express to combine their advantages in data resources, scenario application, big data and AI to fight against the epidemic via data collision. Therefore, we enable people to live in risk-free space, make free flow possible for risk-free people in wider areas, and satisfy the daily necessity needs of people at the “last mile”. By doing so, CETC makes its own effort in the overall victory in the fight against the epidemic, safe resumption of work and putting the country’s economy back on track.



What’s more, “One Network for All” big data analysis system has been rapidly popularized in civil aviation, finances, education and other major industries.

As the situation continues to improve, we shall still stay alert to the epidemic. For now, the prevention and control of the epidemic has further improved, and the normal production and living order is gradually restoring across the country. CETC is ready to continuously take its responsibility to better serve the fight against COVID-19 and improve the future society management capability with the “One Network for All” big data analysis system. CETC is willing to customize differentiated solutions for potential partners according to different needs of clients and to enable “One Network for All” big data analysis system to provide service for more customers.

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