Working as One to Fight against the Epidemic

Facing difficulties caused by epidemic situation, CETC International has followed the general requirements for epidemic prevention, which is "firm confidence, mutual help, scientific control, and precise policy" and the general requirements for resumption of work and production, which is "overall consideration, emphasis on priorities, innovation driven, strengthening management", in an aim to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, to promote the resumption of production and work in an orderly manner, to adjust business in a timely manner, to ensure the epidemic prevention and business operation simultaneously. They have contributed greatly to the construction of the “Belt and Road” as well as CETC’s international business.

Incumbent, to Build the Most Beautiful Epidemic Prevention Landscape

During this special period, in order to win the epidemic battle, the Logistics Department quickly started operations and implemented detailed prevention and control measures in accordance with the spirit of Epidemic Prevention and Control Group meeting of the company. They bought prevention goods and materials, prepared sufficient materials from all kinds of channels very soon, which have provided a safe and comfortable working environment for employees who came back to work, made them feel full of strength and sense of security when they work. They have been fighting silently behind the scenes, becoming the most beautiful scenery line to fight the epidemic and have provided basic guarantees for prevention and control as well as the company's daily work.

Caring for the Motherland, Fulfilling the Mission Abroad

Facing the impact on projects caused by the epidemic, overseas representative offices in different countries acted immediately to communicate with clients so as to enhance their confidence and have mutual understanding. At the same time, they paid attention to domestic epidemic situation and its impact in Myanmar, delivered the latest news to company in a timely manner. "We have communicated closely and obtained the full understanding from clients and they have expressed their recognition of the long-term cooperation." A representative abroad said, he has further realized the importance of "hand in hand", "side by side" with the clients at this moment.

To promote the ongoing projects, CETCIers have been struggling to overcome difficulties and ensure the completion of every mission. The COVID-19 epidemic, which has brought a huge haze to China, made CETCIers deeply aware of their heavy responsibilities. “This could become a protracted battle. What is more important for us is to promote new projects while maintaining customer confidence, thus winning a cushion of time for our company and waiting for the real spring to come", said a representative abroad.

A Foreign Partner in Need is A Friend Indeed

At 4 a.m. on February 12nd, 10,000 medical masks donated by K Group from Turkey to CETC arrived at the airport, each package printed with words like Stay Strong China, Stay Strong Wuhan!, We are Family!, “Turkey Kalyon Group is always with the Chinese people!”

Under the present supply shortage of anti-virus materials, this precious gift from 6,000 kilometers away contained the warm regard of Turkish friends, and will definitely play an important role in CETC's epidemic prevention and control work.

While the medical masks are in short supply in China, it is reported that the mask supply in Turkey is also faced with the same trouble. In order to support China's fight against the epidemic as soon as possible, after purchasing the masks through various channels, K Group arranged a direct flight to deliver the goods right away. The Equipment Sub-group of CETC and CETC International got in contact with the relevant departments promptly to ensure the delivery of the masks.

Working Together to Support the “Belt and Road” Country Fighting against COVID-19

With the strong support from relevant nation ministries and China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, CETC has accelerated the implementation of medical facilities construction and equipment procurement projects in order to implement the urgent medical facilities in Sri Lanka in a short time, since the imported case of Novel coronavirus was found in the end of January 2020. During the Spring Festival, the insurance, delivery, customs clearance, local transportation, installation and commissioning processes were fully coordinated for more than 2000 sets of medical equipment in 15 batches. And the mobile X-ray machines, CT, ultrasound and monitors urgently needed by epidemic clinics were quickly allocated and delivered to Sri Lanka's national infectious disease hospitals and major public hospitals. These equipments effectively supported Sri Lanka's fight against the epidemic.

In the future, CETC will participate more international cooperation in prevention and control work against epidemic, with the aim of building further improvement and sustainable development of the “Belt and Road” and making greater contributions to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Winning the Epidemic Prevention Fight with Linkage Mechanism

According to epidemic prevention work deployment by the company and CETC group, Hope Investment Development Company, the group’s import platform, actively purchased masks and other urgently needed materials through overseas business channels. The company focused on epidemic prevention as well as the business operation in an aim to win the "double line" campaign. In just 10 days, it has provided more than 400,000 masks to over 30 brother companies and made great contributions to work resumption of the whole group by supply necessary epidemic prevention materials.

We should work together to overcome the difficulties. The cold winter shall surely pass, when the haze of "epidemic" is gone, we will welcome the warm spring and the blooming flowers.


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