Wu Manqing was Invited to Attend the Press Conference of the State Council’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Mechanism and Answer Questions from Reporters

On the afternoon of February 28, Wu Manqing, President and Deputy Secretary of Party Leadership Group of CETC(China Electronics Technology Group Corporation), academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,  was invited to attend the press conference of the State Council’s epidemic prevention and control mechanism and answered questions from reporters.

After the conference, related topics initiated by the People's Daily Weibo became immensely popular, with more than 65 million followers in two hours.

“Guangming Daily News reporter: We have seen that some high-tech products have been greatly applied in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Could you tell us in detail what role artificial intelligence and big data have played in the prevention and control of the epidemic? Thank you.”

Wu Manqing said, we have actively implemented important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping and applied big data technology to support epidemic prevention and control. In earlier days, basic telecommunications companies have used big data analysis to focus on some key regions and provinces, especially focusing on key time nodes to provide information on the movement of people and the epidemic situation. CETC set up a risk-awareness big data platform for analyzing the change of the epidemic situation, or in another word, the trend of the situation. Based on this platform, we have developed a close contact gauge.


I have also noticed that China Academy of Information and Communications Technology had developed key medical supply support and dispatch platform to achieve efficient, real-time dispatch and distribution. We can also see companies like Hikvision, Baidu, MEGVII and Interllif have developed kinds of IR measurement devices such as the instrument applied with AI, which can quickly detect fever person and has greatly increased efficiency.

There are other Internet companies who have developed assisting diagnose technology applied with AI to increased the efficiency of diagnosing. Overall, big data technology has been playing a major positive role in this fight against the epidemic. Yesterday, we noticed a lived broadcast in CCTV called “Escort of the Angels”. It was about smart unmanned delivery system applied in Wuhan, especially in Jinyintan Hospital and other region in Chongqing, in order to realize unmanned, non-contacting delivery services and reduce the risk of deliver . We have also noticed that some internet companies offered hashrate for free to help with the medicine screening and R&D of vaccine, which are all meaningful discovery.

The origin of the virus has also become a major concern, and big data has played a positive role for this concern. Right now we are sparing no effort to apply big data to support the resumption of work and production, including the support for the trend of the resumption, the movement of the personals, supply and demand of materials, and also the dispatch of transport. We would like to have a thorough implementation of the General Secretary’s instruction of precision resumption. Although we have encountered difficulties in information exchange, we are very sure about the enormous potential of big data in social administration and the direction for our effort.

In the following fight, we should continue to apply with big data and AI to support epidemic prevention and work resumption, and in the long run, to devote to the construction of public health emergency management system, it shall play a greater role on this. Thank you.

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