CCTV Focus: “CETC Swan Goose” Stands out During Epidemic Prevention and Control 




Escorting for the angel, we accompany you from the cloud.

On February 27th, CCTV network connected with CETC Intelligent Unmanned Transportation Control System team and conducted a live interview on the role of unmanned aerial vehicles (hereinafter referred to as UAVs) in the prevention and control of COVID-19.

The connection was broadcast synchronously through 11 new media online platforms, including CCTV, Yangshipin, CBox, Tencent Video, Kuaishou, Sina Weibo, Jinri Toutiao, Feng Live, Xiaomi Live, Douyu TV and Future Television. According to incomplete statistics, about 150 million netizens followed the live broadcast online.


In the prevention and control of this outbreak, the use of drones to transport supplies can not only minimize human contact and reduce the risk of cross-infection, but also ensure timely delivery of supplies to frontline personnel without considering the ground traffic control situation. In addition, UAVs can also realize real-time aerial inspection, publicity, spraying disinfection, UAV remote sensing test and other functions, which greatly improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control, and have been widely used in the country.



Hundreds of efficiently and orderly operating UAVs are needed to maximize the efficiency of material transportation. In this process, CETC Swan Goose”, the Intelligent Unmanned Transportation Control System developed by CETC, plays an important role.


High efficiency and orderliness: hundreds of UAVs can work at the same time

After COVID-19 outbreak, based on the deep technology accumulation in the unmanned and intelligent fields, CETC has rapidly developed and launched the CETC Swan GooseIntelligent Unmanned Transportation Control System. It integrates the functions of unmanned platform access, dispatching, management and control, data service, block chain contract, etc. The system can access, manage and control multiple types of UAVs. It can also perform tasks such as emergency material transportation, food distribution in isolated areas, patrol flight, epidemic prevention broadcast, remote call, spraying and sterilizing.


At present, the system has been connected to 63 UAV platforms and 450 UAVs into the network.  The control subsystem is responsible for the management of these working UAVs and can supervise, control, dispatch and count the UAVs that perform tasks nationwide in real time. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the system has performed tasks of more than 700 flights, transported 3.5 tons of materials and has a flight distance of more than 3000 kilometers.

Whole Process Online: UAV Status can be Accessed and Controlled in Real Time.


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