“One Network for All” Big Data Analysis System Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreements with DIDI, DMALL, MEITUAN and SF EXPRESS Online,Provided a More Convenient Life for Citizens


      In order to better serve the society and people's livelihood, CETC has taken firm and effective steps to promote the resumption of work and production on the basis of thorough epidemic prevention and control, and get the nation's economic growth back on track as soon as possible by promoting the system.

      On March 4,CETC Cloud signed strategic cooperation agreement with DIDI, DMALL, MEITUAN and SF EXPRESS online to promote the application of “One Network for all” Big Data Analysis System for Epidemic Prevention & Control and Resumption of Work & Production,and provide a more convenient life for citizens.



      Vice President of CETC Group, co-founder and CTO of DIDI, CEO of Didi Autonomous Driving Company, Dmall Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Vice President of Meituan, Vice President of SF EXPRESS Group, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

      This five-party strategic cooperation aims to combine their strengths in data resources and scene applications, and bring out the potential of technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, to fight the epidemic. By doing this, we will enable more data to interact, guarantee a risk-free space for everyone to live in, and let risk-free people move freely in a wider area.

      It is reported that the signing parties will make full use of the system to realize the comprehensive application of the QR code according to the features of their respective fields. This will contribute to the overall victory in the fight against the epidemic, the safety of the resumption of work and production and the economic development back on track.

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