Xinhua News : Informatization Vs COVID-19. Cumulative Inquiries of the “Close Contact Gauge” Designed by CETC Exceeded 150 Million Times


Users scan the QR code to enter the system, enter the name and ID number, and can quickly check whether you are a close contact of COVID-19. Up to Feb 17, 2020, the “Close Contact Gauge” has been used for more than 150 million times and has found more than 90,000 close contacts.

The “Close Contact Gauge” is a big data analysis platform for perceiving risk population. Relying on the National Internet Governance System, it is jointly developed by the E-government Office of GOSC (General Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China), NHC (National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China) and CETC (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation). It was officially launched on Feb 8, 2020.

“After the outbreak, people were generally concerned about whether they took a flight, a train or a bus with the confirmed or suspected cases and whether they are close contacts. Taking advantage of fusion and analysis of big data, the “Close Contact Gauge” can identify close contacts quickly and accurately, which provides information for institutions and individuals.” Wu Manqing said, who is an expert consultant of the Big Data Analysis Task Force of State Council's Response to COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Group, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and President of CETC.

According to the introduction, the platform is supported by the data resources from the NHC, the Ministry of Transport, the CHINA RAILWAY and the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It fundamentally ensures the authority of data sources and lays a solid foundation for the accurate query results.

In addition to the self-examination mode, the platform also provides medical examination mode for organization. By uploading the name and ID number of every person in the organization, the system background centralizes the data for comparison and analysis so as to facilitate effective investigation. The platform has successfully served more than 80 institutions including national ministries and commissions, state-owned enterprises and public institutions.

Besides, for the work resumption, another “Helper” client can help enterprises and departments to measure temperature of returning employees and visitors. With perceiving risk groups scientifically, returning employees can work in security.

As for information security and privacy protection, Wu Manqing said that the entire process of data collection, storage, management, and usage of the “Close Contact Gauge” is all operated on CETC Cloud. It obtains a high-level security certification with safe and controllable data process. The public can use it with confidence.


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