With Prudence and Carefulness, CETC Resumes Work and Production in a Stable and Orderly Manner


On February 12, CETC held another thematic meeting to make arrangements for epidemic prevention & control and resumption of work. All member units are required to put into practice guiding principles from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major policy addresses. On the premise of ensuring the health of the employees, the member units should prudently and orderly resume work and production.

The departments in headquarter are carrying out work in an orderly manner. They summarized the situation of epidemic prevention and control of the whole group, coordinate the group and deploy information technology to provide technical and product support for fighting the epidemic.

Each member unit has established an emergency leadership group for epidemic prevention and control, which is responsible for the epidemic prevention and control work of the unit. Before the resumption of work, the emergency leadership group has made careful arrangements and issued a series of regulations for epidemic prevention & control and work resumption.

The group units at all levels strictly controls every detail. In terms of publicity, all member units focused on epidemic prevention and control, executed the deployment delivered by the superior and the company. They reported the timely situation of epidemic prevention and emphasized the precautions; before the work resumption, the units have provided support in health maintaining, logistics, security and other aspects; in order to avoid people gathering, many units have adopted meal delivering. At the same time, each unit made detailed regulations on quarantine before work, transportation to work, information reporting, etc...

According to the leadership group for epidemic prevention and control of the whole group, the resumption time of the member units should be based on central and local regulations. For special and important scientific research and production tasks, it should be resumed as soon as possible on the basis of caucious epidemic prevention conditions. The meeting for 2020 draws a grand blueprint for the group's work throughout the year. Smooth resumption of work is the basis of the realization of the blueprint. Focusing on the smooth resumption of work, each member unit has carried out a top-level plan, clarified the principle of resumption of work, and appropriately adjusted work pace.

In addition to the rigorous and thoughtful resumption of work, each unit is also actively transmitting confidence to its partners. After the storm, a rainbow will be seen. This is not only the expectations of customers and partners, but also the fulfillment of social responsibilities for central enterprises.

Now, the whole group with member units at all levels are under the process of work resumption and production smoothly and orderly.

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