Smart City

Intelligent Transportation

Electronic No Parking Charge and Decision-Making Services



Tunnels And Parking Integrated Charge

Road Traffic Monitoring

Highway Management

Facilities Maintenance

Industry Information Management

Emergency Rescue Management [ Click Details ]

Highway Traffic Management

commercial vehicle monitoring

highway traffic management

road transport safety management

dangerous goods transport regulation

Intelligent Traffic Management

Traffic Signal Control

Traffic Information Collection

Command Scheduling

Traffic Guidance

Intelligent Traffic Management

Vehicle Positioning

Vehicle Monitoring

Dispatching Of Operating Vehicles

Real-time Passenger Information

Providing Public Transit Network Planning Support

Road Transportation Management

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Signal Control and Traffic Violation Management

Traffic Emergency Management

Intelligent Meteorological

meteorological disaster monitoring - ground, aerial, mobile weather monitoring, lightning monitoring

weather information transmission - the National Weather broadband network upgrade, satellite data broadcasting

weather alert and forecast - droughts, storms and flooding, strong convection, cold damage, heat waves and other weather forecasting and early warning

meteorological special services - agriculture, transportation, marine, aviation and other special meteorological support service

weather alert information release - meteorological disaster warning command center, emergency mobile station, impact assessment and early warning release.


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