Public Security

Public security administration is the integration of public security management mechanism and advanced information technologies, such as Internet of things, cloud computing, automated command, artificial intelligence. Establish public security administration technology supporting system, including laws, regulations, organizations, events, resources, processes and information, to maintain municipal safe operation, realize smart emergency management and guarantee stable urban development.

CETC International, as the core solution provider of China electronic industry informationalization and system integration, undertake major projects at home and abroad, provide clients with public security systems from design to implementation, to after sales support and training.

Port & Coastal Alert and Marine Informatization

Maritime Safety :Marine Police System,Illegal Check Self Righting Unmanned Cutter ,Marine Surveillance Unmanned Helicopter System ,High-speed Coastguard Cutter ,Marine Patrol Aircraft ,Submarine Optical Fiber Cable Construction

Navigation Security, Search and Rescue:Unmanned Rescue boat for Abnormal Sea Condition,Maritime Joint Search and Rescue System ,Navigation and Marine Products ,Navigational Radio Beacon Differential,Global Positioning SystemVTS ,VTS System Construction and Operation ,Navigating Security, Search and Rescue ,Satellite EPIRB

Marine Economy :Solar Desalination System for Seawater ,Fishing Condition System,Fishery Monitor System,Port Operation System,Marine Economy ,Island Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

Marine Environment Protect:Airborne Marine Oil Spill Monitor System ,Port Oil Spill Detection System

City Security:

National Emergency and City Emergency Platform

Internet & Information Security:

Network Information Management and Protection ,E-Government Network Construction ,Information System Development and Upgrade

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